General Information

The following indications are valid for all my offers.


  • General fee for photographic missions:               CHF 120.00 per hour
  • Briefings/meetings & praparatory operations:     CHF   80.00 per hour
  • Picture editing:                                                    CHF   80.00 per hour
  • Travel expenses (time of travel)*:                       CHF   50.00 per hour
  • Travel expenses (road)*:                                    CHF      1.00 per Kilometer

* Travel expenses are calculated from 4303 Kaiseraugst for the round trip.


Working times & reservations:
  • Working times during the week:   Mon, Tue, Fr from 18h00 (earlier times upon request)
  • Working times on weekends:        Sat, Sun entire day


  • Kindly note that appointment reservations need to be made min. 2 months in advance!
  • I also accept more urgent orders depending from my availability and will try to fulfill them, however I cannot give a guarantee.


  • Upon request a free, non-binding consultation in order to get to know each other better
  • I offer the following language knowledges: German, English and French fluent; Spanish on conversational level; Japanese on simple conversational level
  • A preliminary discussion of your order is always included in my offers
  • All offers are issued in written form
  • All photos subject to picture editing are carefully selected and processed individually
  • The picture data (original size) will be delivered on CD or DVD (mailing of picture data to the selected address upon request)
  • Collaboration with a professional Make-Up Artist (
  • Presence of a person of your choice during photo shootings possible
  • Upon request a free online-gallery (view only) with personal registration
  • I don't produce nude and/or erotic pictures
  • Photographic missions till max. 100 Kilometers radius from location 4303 Kaiseraugst, larger distances upon request